Basic Treatment Package

Healthy Heads

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Basic Treatment Package

If you are looking at treating lice on a budget this is the package for you! 

Simply apply to the hair and scalp prior to combing and this product will suffocate the live lice and leave them virtually motionless. The lice can then be easily combed out easily using the provided lice comb.

The new “Super Lice’ are becoming increasingly resistant to the harsh chemicals in many treatments. Our products allow you to successfully treat head lice in a safe and natural way. The Healthy Heads Treatment oil used in conjunction with the Healthy Heads Treatment Mousse is the most effective lice treatment solution available.


  • #1 Natural lice eliminator.
  • Safe for repeated use during outbreak and head checks.
  • Each bottle includes approx. 3 treatments (depending on hair type and length)
  • Allergy Friendly (FREE from soy, nut, fish, milk, wheat, eggs and peanut)