Head Check for Lice

Each head check is performed by one of our Happy Heads trained and certified technicians. If the head check is found to be positive, your technician will advise you on the treatment options available to you. We always advise our clients to have the entire household checked, in order for any treatment to be effective and guaranteed.

What to Expect from Our Lice Removal Service

Our treatment facility is in a private and discrete location. Treatment options will always be performed by a trained and inviting technician.  Once evidence of head lice has been found during the head check, the treatment process begins.

Step 1 - Application of treatment solution

We remove All Adult Lice from the head using Happy Heads All Natural Products.

Step 2 - Extensive combing with a nit comb

We comb through the hair extensively to remove bugs and nits.

Step 3 - Strand by strand examination

We then use a methodical approach to check for nits or any remaining evidence of head lice and remove that as well (this is a strand by strand method).

Final Steps

Lastly, the client is given a final head check to ensure all nits have been removed. This Process will take approximately 90 minutes. It will take longer for thicker hair or an extensive infestation.

Our guarantees

  • A comprehensive plan including a home care treatment schedule
  • A 30-day guarantee provided all family members have been checked and/or treated by Healthy Heads.
  • Transparent pricing